About Bulbura

Hello! Thank you for visiting Bulbura Plant Design!

I'm Melinda - full time Mummy, part-time creater/maker/designer & owner of Bulbura Plant Design. 

Bulbura came about through my love of gardening that I shared with my late husband, and somewhat stumbling across the art of Kokedama.  After my husband died, gardening, and taking that in a different direction, became a wonderful source of therapy, and I felt inspired to create something in his honour that would see his spirit live on; something that I could put my heart and soul into and feel truly proud of, whilst allowing me the flexibility of being able to work from home around my most important job - that of a Mummy. 

I feel fully present in the moment whilst working on each individual piece of living art, and I enjoy that moment - I become immersed in it.  I trust that you will feel the love that has gone into each individual piece and be inspired by how it has come to be, as it finds it's unique place in your home or garden. You will have your very own living art to admire, and I hope that it inspires you to embrace life in all it's beauty.  My own little mantra - "It's easy to create from the heart, you just need to listen" guides me and motivates me in the creative process, and the direction in which I would like Bulbura to take - one that sees everyone feeling positive and inspired by life's simple pleasures.

"Bulbura" means "porcupine" to the Birri Gubba Language Group, from Cape Upstart in Queensland.  My husband was given the rare honour of being given this totem by the Birri Gubba.  With European settlement in Australia, they called our echidnas, porcupines.  I like to believe that my work continues to see Bulbura make a positive difference in my own life and that of my family, but also in the homes of others.  My husband's memory lives on through my natural, handmade living art.  Bulbura continues to roam free!

Obviously, I love all things green! By taking gardening to another level through kokedama, one that makes greenery accessible for everyone, adults and children alike,  regardless of whether you have a house with a big or a small yard, or live in a unit with little space to garden, I believe that everyone can have a little piece of unique, living art.  A little something special that brings positivity and inspiration. My living, natural art allows you to create a statement in your own home or garden, in your own unique way - style it up or let it blend in! However you choose to style it, the outcome is the same - you have invested in something meaningful, that allows you to feel the warmth and freshness of spring that greenery brings to your home.

Kokedama are a way of reminding you to stop, slow down, and take in the important things in life, but also allow you to create a space in your home that brings warmth and happiness. 

Please enjoy, and thank you for visiting!

Melinda x