Soy Wax Candles - 8oz


Stop, relax and unwind with a luxe, hand-poured, 100% natural soy wax candle. Candles come in a stylish 8oz silver portable tin so you can either enjoy your candle at home, take it with you on your travels, or even to work.

You can enjoy your favourite scent wherever you like!

Bulbura Plant Design candles are made with an eco-friendly soy wax which is biodegradable and free of genetically modified material. The candles contain no chemicals, no herbicides and no pesticides. The wax is manufactured using pure soy beans with no petroleum (parrafin waxes).

The wicks are made out of all natural fibres and contain no lead or other harmful metals.

Available in a diverse range of fragrances, there is sure to be a scent perfect for you.

Choose from:

Australian Bushwalk
Australian Florals & Honey
Black Raspberry Sugar
Cherry Blossom
Coconut & Lime
Kakadu Plum & Bush Cucumber
Lavendar & Vanilla
Lemon Sugar Raspberry
Oakmoss & Amber
Pineapple & Coconut
Singapore Orchid
Sweet Pea & Jasmine
Tiger Lily Blossom
White Tea & Berries

*Please ensure that you read the "Candles - Warning" in the Policies Section prior to purchase.