Sharon S

I would just like to thank Melinda for introducing her world of the kokedama to my home.  I first purchased a gorgeous String of Hearts, from Melinda's advice that they are easy to grow.  Yes, I may be able to get this one to survive! She was certainly right.  It is flourishing and delighting in its new home.  Next, I fell in love with the Black Prince.  "Could I do this beauty justice?"  I wanted to share this delight with my daughter too.  As she has a "brown thumb", Melinda suggested trying her on a string of hearts first, but I took the risk and I ordered two Black Princes, taking on board her advice as to how to care for them.  They both arrived with the tiny start of a gorgeous flower about to emerge from the centre.  We both fell in love with our new babies.  Six weeks later, we both have an amazing Black Prince which are both sporting a beautiful stem/flower from the middle.  My daughter has found her inner green thumb and it has inspired her to love all things PLANT.  Wow, Melinda, apart from your amazing customer service, helpful tips, stunning wares and the feeling like we are buying precious goodies from a passionate girl who is sharing her love of her kokedama family, you have helped awaken a passion in my daughter and I.  We are both now the "nutty plant ladies",  I WANT MORE! Watch this space for my next order.  What to get next???

Ariane D

When you think of the concept of "living art" no one pays respect to the notion as well as Melinda from Bulbura Plant Design.  The concept resonates so true when you receive one of her amazing kokedamas.  Each kokedama is hand crafted to absolute perfection ensuring you get a unique work of living art each time.  It is obvious that a lot of love goes into each creation - from the propagation of each plant to the production of each individual piece.  You can absolutely count on receiving a healthy, thriving plant that is beautifully wrapped to form the perfect kokedama.

Suzannah T


I have made several purchases from Bulbura Plant Design and have been blown away by the quality and craftsmanship on each one.  It is evident that this is something you love to do.  I have always found the whole process very easy.

Melinda M

Quality Produced With A Creative Flare And A Loving Touch

Bulbura Plant Design creates beautiful products that give your home and mind serenity.  Quality plants and materials, and a service you can certainly trust.  Highly recommend for your own home or office, and/or a unique gift!

Samara L

Love My Kokedama

When my Chain of Hearts Kokedama arrived, I was so impressed by the way it was carefully packaged.  A professional but organic feel.  It's clear there is a lot of passion put into this business!!!  The care instructions for my new plant were so helpful, as I've never looked after one of these before! It's looking so healthy and I love looking at what else Melinda has on her website for me to get next!!!

Kristy D

So impressed!

I absolutely love my Chain of Hearts Kokedama! In fact a girlfriend of mine had one of Melinda's and I had to have one of my own! From the initial transaction the whole process was so smooth and professional.  And then the packaging! Such a fun experience opening the box to find it wrapped wonderfully in a little jute bag and sharing its care instructions with you! Melinda is so professional to deal with and has such a passion for her work and it shows.  Her kokedama are a perfect gift as you know you will be getting great quality and beautiful design.

Homemade on the Ranch

Customer Service As It Should Be

Melinda provides exceptional product delivery and service, but it is the customer service and communication that proves she is a professional woman to be looked up to and admired.

Tracey S

Such a professional, brilliant customer service! Product is exceptional, cannot recommend Melinda more.

Kate B

Truly Wonderful Business - Beautiful Products

Melinda has a real eye for beauty and a talent for putting it together.  You will not be disappointed with anything that she has on offer.  Buy something for yourself, buy a gift for someone else... do both.  Bulbura has something for everyone, to cherish, enjoy and enrich.

Melinda D

Gorgeous Kokedamas - Love These!

So beautiful are these Kokedamas! A lovely addition to anyone's home who has a love for greenery like I do.  Very cleverly woven and a quality product made, packaged and sent with a lot of care and love.  Excellent communication and customer service.  So gorgeous that you won't stop at just 1!

Belinda R

Koke Kuteness

Met Melinda via Instagram - I've received two of her Kokedamas in the mail to date.  Her koke's are expertly made, beautifully wrapped, care instructions included and made from quality materials.  She truly deserves to do well with her plant design business as she is creative and an absolute delight to deal with!

Brooke N

Highly recommended

I love how Melinda takes so much pride and effort in her work.  I must say that her Kokedamas are absolutely stunning, amongst all her work! She has a stunning large selection of plants and candles, her communication skills are impeccable and always delivers! I can highly recommend her to all! Love her work.

Elle A

Stunning Kokedama

Melinda's Kokedama creations are beautifully made, with lots of care, and the plants she uses are lovely and healthy.  There are lots of Kokedama around, but Bulbura Plant Design's quality stands out.

Chloe W

The BEST candles in Australia

I was lucky enough to receive 3 of the most wonderful candles from Melinda at Bulbura Plant Design.  The thing I love most is that the scents are really unique - Australian Bushwalk is just one example.  Thanks Melinda!

Teagan H


I am a huge huge candle addict and when I found Melinda's Instagram page - Bulbura Plant Design - I had to buy and try! I love how her candles come in a cute little tin.  You can take them anywhere! Her fragrances are unique and smell amazing.  I couldn't stop there.  I noticed these beautiful Kokedamas and had to get one.  Some of these are so delicate and Mel has so much pride in them, she packages them so well.  I absolutely love her products and am so addicted now. My pockets will be empty :) I've had the honour of being a brand enthusiast for Mel and she is the loveliest lady.  Very supportive and informative.  I love how passionate she is about her business and I have been very grateful to work with her.