Why Kokedama?

What is Kokedama?

Kokedama is an ancient Japanese art form - a variant of bonsai.

The plant is encased in a special blend of soil, moulded into a spherical shape, then covered with sphagnum moss and bound with twine, all by me, to create beautiful living, natural art.

Kokedama can be either indoors or outdoors, depending on the variety of plant.

They are a unique way of having greenery in your home, and are quite low maintenance. 

Why Kokedama?

Kokedama makes greenery in the home accessible for everyone - whether you have a house or a unit, a big or a small backyard! Kokedama allows you to make a statement in your home or garden in your own unique way, by styling your space and allowing it to become a talking point as beautiful plant decor, or letting it blend in with your existing surroundings.  Connect with nature, and enjoy the warmth of spring that greenery brings to your home with a unique piece of living, natural art!

Kokedama also makes the perfect gift and can say so much, from "Happy Birthday", "I love you", "Just Because", or "I'm thinking of you".  They also make a unique house warming gift, and even a thoughtful bereavement gift.

Personally, I find them to have a peaceful and calming effect.  I enjoy looking at them hanging or sitting in my garden, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, and creating their own statement as special garden art.  They truly are eye catching, and a real talking point.  I have them in various places indoors also, and find myself relaxing as I watch them, taking in their texture and shape and their unique beauty, and the warmth and freshness that they bring to my home.  I find them far more captivating and enjoyable than potted plants, and I have them in every room in my home.  It feels strange to me to even picture my home now without kokedama! It's as though they filled a little hole when I didn't know one existed! They really add that something extra.

If you allow it, and give yourself some time to press the "pause" button on life, it really can be relaxing and peaceful to have kokedama in your home - allow yourself to be still for a short while and enjoy what they have to offer.  Enjoy Mother Nature in a pure and simple form.